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What Causes Car Batteries to Fail?

A survey of a luxury cars manufacturer reveals that of 400 car batteries returned under warranty, 200 are working well and have no problem. Low charge and acid stratification are the most common causes of the apparent failure. The car manufacturer states that the problem is very general but more common on luxury cars. With vehicles being built to have vastly improved fuel consumption, these savings have been made largely by removing heavy, less efficient mechanical or hydraulic components to lightweight components such as electric water pumps and electric power steering. Combine this with power-hungry auxiliary options such as heated seats and mirrors, navigation systems and high end audio systems among other accessories, that your battery and charging system are working much harder than before.

A common cause of battery failure is acid stratification. The electrolyte on a stratified battery concentrates on the bottom, causing the upper half of the cell to be acid poor. This effect is similar to a cup of coffee in which the sugar collects on the bottom when the waitress forgets to bring the stirring spoon. Batteries tend to stratify if kept at low charge (below 80%) and never have the opportunity to receive a full charge. This occurs often when driving short distances (less than forty – fifty kilometers per day) while running the above noted electrical components in addition to windshield wipers and electric heaters combined with very cold climate. This may cause you the unpleasant prospect of your vehicle not starting one cold morning and requiring a boost or tow to your dealership. To reduce or eliminate this problem, an automatic trickle charger is recommended. These chargers have an easy access plug to the vehicle that simply require them to be plugged when the vehicle is not in use. The charger will charge and maintain the battery at an ideal charge at all times and automatically stop when it is fully charged.

If the above noted conditions apply to you, basically driving between less than 15 000 to 17,000kms per year, a battery charger could be beneficial to you.

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