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The 2021 BMW 3 Series to come

BMW 330e Sedan 2021 Grise

You may be thinking of buying a new vehicle, and perhaps you are interested in a plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) vehicle or SUV. Overall, the electric hybrid vehicle market is continuing to evolve, with more manufacturers launching their own vehicles, and for those who already have an EV available in the competitive electric vehicle market, making improvements and upgrades to models to have even more appeal. One of the main factors in the development of electric vehicles is the range that the vehicle can travel on a single electric charge, and, if that vehicle is a hybrid – meaning there is a gasoline engine in the vehicle as well – then what fuel efficiency ratings overall can be expected?

BMW entered the EV market in 2018 with their ever popular 3 Series of sedans and they have been adding to their lineup ever since. With both SUVs and sedans available in a hybrid electric version, a sportier version of the 3 Series sedan, the 330e was added in 2020. As with all car makers, the BMW technology team has been working on this model and the plug-in hybrid 2021 BMW 3 Series release date this spring as well as the 2021 BMW 3 Series 330e XDrive (the all-wheel drive version) of their ever-popular sedan.

The biggest advancement in the 2021 330e models is that they have been redesigned to have a longer driving range using purely electric power – so, without the assistance of the gas engine. This type of driving appeals to many, as it is the only way to drive without creating emissions – a positive enhancement for our environment. The Government of Canada even recognizes the positive impact that electric cars (and plug in hybrids) can have on the environment, and have created a series of rebates that are available for those who purchase EVs in Canada.

Arrière de la BMW 330e Sedan 2021 grise Habitacle de la BMW 330e Sedan 2021

In terms of travel, the 2021 330e can travel 35 km on a fully charged battery, and on the 330e XDrive PHEV, this distance is 32km. To achieve the longer distances with the new 2021 model, BMW increased the battery size to 12.0 kilowatt-hours, which now gives drivers 10.4 kwh of usable capacity, versus the previous 7.6 kwh. Plus, you’ll never be faced with the worry of how much electric charge you have left before you need to find a charging terminal. With the BMW Connected App you can easily find out your both your current electric and gas consumption rates and your remaining electric charge availability.

Power wise, the 2021 BMW 330e can reach a speed of 96 km/h from 0 in just 5.6 seconds, which is significant for a plug-in hybrid vehicle. Drivers will also enjoy 252 horsepower, with this brand’s highly efficient electric motor coupled with BMW’s TwinPower Turbo four-cylinder engine. When driving, you can choose between three drive modes: hybrid, electric and battery control, with just a push of a button. On the new 2021 models, however, BMW technology added something called the “Xtraboost” which adds a 40 horsepower boost of power for up to 10 seconds when you are travelling in sport mode – a great feature to be used in and on the highways and roads in the West Island, Blainville and Montreal.

But, don’t for a minute think that this highly efficient sedan is anything less than luxurious, even as an electric hybrid plug in. On the exterior, it’s all BMW luxury, from the signature Hofmeister kink at the rear, to the bright LED headlamps and taillamps, extra-large kidney shaped double front grille, 18-inch V-spoke alloy wheels and pair of twin circular exhaust pipes. On the interior, your dashboard instrumentation includes electronic readouts on the vehicle’s electrical range, charge status, and other customized information when your vehicle is being operated in hybrid mode. Seating options are sporty or luxurious, depending on whether you choose the standard Sport trim package or the M Sport package – the latter providing you with the M sport leather wrapped steering wheel, dashboard and other branded touches.

Devant de la BMW 330e Sedan blanche 2021 Arrière de la BMW 330e Sedan blanche 2021

In terms of cost, the 2021 BMW 3 Series price starts at $44,950 and the 330i XDrive has a starting price of $54,000. Both of these vehicles are eligible for a federal EV rebate in Canada. When you buy your EV from a BMW dealer, such as West Island BMW, our sales and financing team will make you aware of these government rebate programs, and will give you information on how to access them. In addition, our team will also share with you our most recent BMW incentives and our financing options, as part of our overall package.

So if you have been thinking of making the switch to a plug in electric hybrid vehicle, but you still want to be surrounded in luxury, and to drive a performance level car, then you are invited to make an appointment to come into our dealership, BMW West Island, on Transcanadienne Sud in Dorval, and meet with our experienced and friendly sales team.

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