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The different available trim levels

BMW Canada presents both of these electric vehicles in three trim levels, depending on selected powertrain:


Powertrain and Power

Both of these vehicles are equipped with powerful electric powertrains. Here is a quick comparison of the power they offer:

FeaturesBMW iXBMW i4
Powertrain #1xDrive40eDrive35
Power / Torque332 ch. / 465 lb-pi281 ch. / 295 lb-pi
Powertrain #2xDrive50eDrive40
Power / Torque516 ch. / 564 lb-pi335 ch. / 317 lb-pi
Powertrain #3M60M50
Power / Torque610 ch. / 811 lb-pi536 ch. / 586 lb-pi

The brute force offered by the iX is truly impressive. However, it is important not to underestimate just how agile the i4 sedan really is.

2023 BMW iX
2023 BMW i4

Towing Capacity and Cargo Space

In the BMW i4 electric sedan, the trunk alone offers 470 L of cargo space. For the BMW iX, you will have access to 1,005 L.

When rear seats are folded down –which is easily accessible on both vehicles- you will have access to a total of 1,290 L of cargo space in the i4 and up to 2,205 L in the BMW iX.

When it comes to the towing capacity, the BMW i4 vehicle offers an impressive amount for a sedan. With the optional towing package, you will be able to tow a trailer with brakes for a maximum of 3,500 lbs.

As for the iX, you will have a towing capacity reaching up to 5,500 lbs, with a trailer equipped with brakes.

It is not surprising here to have the iX coming out on top, since SUVs are vehicles that are first and foremost designed for the “utility” they offer. The simple fact that the i4 vehicle can be compared to it, demonstrates the high quality of this sedan.

Vehicle Dimensions

Here are the dimensions for the BMW iX and BMW i4:

DimensionsBMW iXBMW i4
Length4,953 mm4,782 mm
Width1,967 mm1,851 mm
Height1,696 mm1,447 mm
Wheelbase3,000 mm2,865 mm

When they are side by side, it is easy to see that the BMW electric SUV is a lot bigger. This also means that the i4 is a much more agile vehicle that is easy to maneuver in urban settings.

BMW Technologies on Board

Added Technologies

Given that they are both BMW vehicles, they share lots of similar added technologies.

The main example of this is in the curved screen that combines a 14.9- inch infotainment center with a 12.3- inch digital instrument cluster. Moreover, both also offer:

  • Apple CarPlayMD and Android AutoMD compatibility
  • Voice recognition
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • And so much more!

The iX comes standard equipped with some of the technologies that are only offered as an option on the i4, like the wireless charging pad for example.

Music lovers might also be drawn to the outstanding 30- speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system, available on the iX.

Safety Features and Driver Assist Technologies

As for the safety features and the driver assist technologies, both BMW will provide you with a wide variety of systems, like:

  • Cruise Control
  • Pedestrian Detection system
  • Front Collision Warning
  • And much more.

They both offer all of the necessary technologies –and more- to make your driving experience as enjoyable as possible. In this aspect, there are not many significant differences between the 2023 BMW iX and i4.

Dashboard - BMW iX 2023 Dashboard - BMW i4 2023

Esthetic Differences

When it comes to looks, it is easy to tell that both vehicles were made by the same automobile manufacturer.

Although they share a similar style, there are still noticeable differences between the 2023 iX vs i4. The BMW iX, for example, is square shaped at the front and rear, giving it a more imposing look.

The rounder silhouette of the BMW i4 also provides it with a more athletic look, while still maintaining a BMW style. This look also includes the famous kidney grille that the luxury sedan also shares with the iX.

As for the interior and exterior colors, the i4 generally offers more color options. For example, you will have optional green body colors or blue leather upholstered seats, offered to you upon purchase. These colors accentuate the sportier shape.

Cockpit - BMW iX 2023

Cockpit - BMW i4 2023

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