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2023 BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y: Price, Differences, Specs, etc

2023 BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y: Price, Differences, Specs, etc

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BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y: What do the specs sheet have to say?

Your dealership in Montreal, close to Laval, presents this duel between electric SUVs: 2023 BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y.

Before comparing both models, perhaps you’d like to find out more about how electric vehicles work ?

The Different Available Trim Levels

BMW Canada offers three possible trim levels for its SUV. As for Tesla, you will have two options for the Model Y. Here they are:

BMW iXTesla Model Y
xDrive40 – xDrive50 – M60Long Range - Performance

Dashboard of the BMW iX 20232023 BWM iX
front 3/4 view of a 2023 Tesla Model Y on the road

Powertrain and Power

The powertrain is at the heart of each trim, for both of these vehicles. This means that for a proper comparison of the 2023 BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y, we must compare their powertrains.

Here is a quick comparison:

BMW iXTesla Model Y
Powertrain #1xDrive 40Long Range
Power / Torque332 ch. / 465 lb-ft.384 ch. / 376 lb-ft.
Powertrain #2xDrive 50Performance
Power / Torque516 ch. / 564 lb-ft.456 ch. / 497 lb-ft.
Powertrain #3M60N.D.
Power / Torque610 HP / 811 lb-ft.N.D.

As you can see, when comparing power and performance, only the base model engine of the Tesla Model Y can compete with the BMW powertrains, even though the iX engine offers a torque that is significantly superior to the Tesla Model Y. In every other instance, the German manufacturer surpasses its rival.

Towing Capacity and Cargo Space

In a duel between SUVs like the 2023 iX vs Model Y, it is important to compare towing and cargo.

When it comes to cargo space, the BMW iX is simply more generous. Behind rear seats –which means in the trunk alone- you will have 1,005 L of cargo space for the iX, while the Model Y only offers 855 L.

This difference remains even once rear seats are folded: the iX then offers up to 2,205 L of cargo space, while the Model Y only offers up to 2,042 L.

As for the towing capacity, you will quickly notice that the BMW iX has the upper hand once more, given that it can tow up to 5,500 lbs when equipped with a trailer with brakes. The Tesla Model Y, on the other hand, offers a towing capacity of a maximum of 3,500 lbs.

Although the Model Y is not lacking in skills, it is easily surpassed by the electric BMW SUV.

Vehicle Dimensions

While driving in urban settings, a vehicle’s dimensions can become a very important factor. Here are the 2023 BMW iX dimensions and how they compare to those of the Model Y:

DimensionsBMW iXTesla Model Y
Length4,953 mm4,750 mm
Width1,967 mm2,129 mm
Height1,696 mm1,624 mm
Wheelbase3,000 mm2,890 mm

As you can see, the iX is longer but not as wide as the electric Tesla SUV. In every other category, the iX comes out on top.

BMW and Tesla Technologies on Board

Added Technologies

The difference between both vehicles is noticeable instantly. When it comes to the Tesla Model Y, you will find a wide 15- inch screen, which is used as an infotainment center.

As for the BMW iX, you will have a huge curved screen, which combines a 14.9- inch multimedia center and a 12.3- inch instrument cluster. Both offer:

  • Integrated navigation
  • Remote updates
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • And so much more!

The Tesla vehicle, however, does not give you access to Apple CarPlayMD and Android AutoMD, which remains available aboard the iX.

For those of you who are looking for an excellent sound experience, the BMW SUV also offers an extraordinary 30- speaker Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The Model Y has a 14- speaker sound system.

Safety Features and Driver Assist Technologies

When it comes to safety, determining a clear winner is challenging, as both vehicles are extremely safe and offer:

  • Pedestrian detection
  • Front collision warning
  • Blind spot surveillance monitor
  • And so many more features!

No matter which luxury SUV you choose, you will feel safe at the wheel.

view of the dashboard of a 2023 BMW iXDashboard - BWM iX 2023
view of the dashboard of a 2023 Tesla Model YDashboard - Tesla model Y 2023

Esthetic Differences

Tesla and BMW are both brands that offer a signature look. The BMW iX and the Tesla Model Y are no exception.

When it comes to the electric BMW SUV, you will find a squarer fascia highlighted by the BMW kidney grille, for a very athletic and aggressive style.

As for the Tesla Model Y, it is much rounder. It fits into the Tesla design philosophy, which tends to lean towards a simpler and more minimalist vehicle design.

Although the BMW iX boasts an understated style, it still has a net advantage over the Model Y; the Tesla only offers 5 different body colors, while the BMW offers 9.

The same thing can be said of the interiors, as the Model Y only offers either white or black upholstered seats. BMW offers 6 choices, including an elegant brown hue.

If you compare the 2023 BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y, it is clear to see that customizing your vehicle to match your taste will be much easier with the first.

view of the interior of a 2023 BMW iXCockpit - BWM iX 2023
view of the interior of a 2023 Tesla Model YCockpit - Tesla model Y 2023

BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y: what about prices?

The Model Y starts at a $ 69,990 base pricefor the long range trim and $ 75,990 for the performance trim.

The BMW iX starts at $ 79,990 $with the xDrive40 powertrain. The xDrive50 begins at $ 93,000. Finally the M60, which is this electric SUV’S most powerful trim, is offered at $ 121,750.

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In this duel between the 2023 BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y, it is easy to see which of the two vehicles offers more.

When shopping for an SUV, utility is definitely at the top of the list, and the BMW simply gives you more.

After years of dominating the luxury sedan market, it is amazing to see how easily BMW stands out compared to its rivals in the electric SUV category as well.

The best place to shop for BMW vehicles is with BMW West Island, your BMW dealership in Montreal, close to Laval.

BMW iX vs Tesla Model Y: Summary Table

Here is a summary table for all of the features compared above, on both vehicles:

FeaturesBMW iXTesla Model Y
Trims and PricexDrive40 : $ 79,990
xDrive50 : $ 93,000
M60 : $ 121,750
Autonomie : $ 69,990
Performance : $ 75,990
Power / TorquexDrive40 : 332 HP / 465 lb-ft.
xDrive50 : 516 HP / 564 lb-ft.
M60 : 610 HP / 811 lb-ft.
Autonomie : 384 HP / 376 lb-ft.
Performance : 456 HP / 497 lb-ft.
Cargo Space1,005 L / 2,205 L855 L / 2,042 L
Towing Capacity5,500 lbs3,500 lbs
rear 3/4 view of a 2023 BMW iX on a coastal road

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