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Find out more about the 2023 BMW M3, including its price and outstanding specs sheet. Your BMW West Island dealership in Montreal is here to present this outstanding member of the BMW M series .

2023 BMW M3: Specs Sheet

The Different Available Trim Levels

Like many BMW vehicles, each M3 trim is equipped with a different powertrain.

There are two available trims for the 2023 BMW M3:

  • M3 Coupe
  • M3 Competition

Each version of the M3 offers a different level of performance. The 2023 BMW M3 will also be offered as a BMW M3 CS trim level, even more performant than the two others.

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Powertrain, Range and Power

To help you see more clearly the differences between both trims, here is just a glimpse of what the BMW M3 specs sheet includes:

Trim Level Powertrain Power/Torque
M3 coupe 3.0 L 6- cyl. 473 HP / 406 lb-ft.
M3 Competition 3.0 L 6- cyl. 503 HP / 479 lb-ft.

As you can see, both versions are equipped with a 3.0 L 6- cylinder engine, although in the Competition trim, it has been designed and adjusted for even greater performance.

With the BMW M3 Competition, you can reach 100 km/hr in just 3.5 seconds.

If you are looking for excellent performance at a more affordable price, you might be tempted by the 2023 BMW M340i xDrive.

Cargo Space

For all of your adventures aboard the BMW M3, you will be able to carry up to 368 L of gear or luggage in the trunk alone.

This amount of space is quite generous for a sport sedan like the M3.

2023 BMW M3: Dimensions

Here are the dimensions for the 2023 BMW M3:

Dimensions BMW M3
Length 4,804 mm (189.1 inches)
Width 1,887 mm (74.3 inches)
Height 1,432 mm (56.5 inches)
Wheelbase 2,857 mm (112.5 inches)

This sedan is the perfect size to ensure a dynamic and agile driving experience in urban settings.

BMW Technologies on Board

Added Technologies

Like many BMW models, the 2023 M3 offers a curved screen that includes both a 14.9- inch infotainment center and a 12.3- inch digital instrument cluster.

This information center includes:

  • Apple CarPlayMD and Android AutoMD compatibility
  • Integrated navigation
  • The digital key system, turning your smartphone into an access key
  • And so much more!

Safety Features and Driver Assist Technologies

BMW excels each year in order to provide you with the most enjoyable driving experience possible. In the 2023 M3, you will find:

  • The BMW Parking Assistant
  • Rear Cross Traffic Alert
  • Blind Spot Surveillance System
  • And so much more!

So, if you are looking for a vehicle that is both luxurious and safe, The BMW M3 is here for you.

M3: Esthetics

Exterior Design

On top of the iconic kidney grille, the M3 offers a style that is true to BMW tradition. Both athletic and aggressive, it seems perfectly adapted to the racetrack and the red carpet!

Available Exterior Colours

The colors included in the 2023 BMW M3 base price are two non-metallic colours: an Alpine White and a Sao Paulo Yellow.

As an added option, BMW offers around a dozen metallic color choices that will allow you to drive the car of your dreams. Amongst these, you will find:

  • Isle of Man Green Metallic
  • Toronto Red Metallic
  • Frozen Pure Grey Metallic
  • Frozen Brilliant White Metallic
  • And loads of other colors options!

In fact, no matter if you are looking for a simple colour or something bolder, you will find something you love!

Interior Design

One thing is for sure: you will not be disappointed by this luxury sedan’s interior. Firstly, as standard offered equipment, you will have Merino upholstered seats.

A 16- speaker Harmon Kardon sound system is offered as an option for an outstanding sound experience, adding to the luxury levels of your M3.

Simply said, you will have access to a rich and comfortable interior that will quickly make you understand why BMW is so well known for its luxury sedans.

Available Interior Colours and Finishes

As for the seats, you can remain conservative and stay with black, grey or brown. For those who prefer a more unique look, the leather upholstered seats are also offered in blue, orange or even red.

As for the dashboard and door panel finishes, you have the choice between a solid and sturdy aluminum, and elegant and durable carbon fiber.

2023 BMW M3: Price for each trim level

Both trims of the 2023 M3 offered by BMW Canada provide you with the choice between two different impressive levels of performance.

As we have mentioned above, the price for the 2023 BMW M3 starts at $ 89,500 with the M3 Coupeand reaches up to $ 96,400 for the M3 Competition.

In Short

If brute force and comfort are two of your priorities, then the M3 is definitely the vehicle for you. It is one of the BMW sedans that best combines what the manufacturer has to offer in terms of luxury levels and power. In short, the 2023 BMW M3 at a base price of $ 89,500will definitely give you an excellent value for your money.

For the best BMW special offers in Montreal , come and visit us today at BMW West Island, close to Laval. Our team of experts will know how to guide you so that you can find the vehicle that is best suited to your desires and needs!

2023 BMW M3: Price and Specs

Without further ado, here is a summary tale of the 2023 BMW M3 specs sheet:

Features M3 coupe M3 Competition
Base Price $ 89,500 $ 96,400
Powertrain 3.0 L 6- cyl. 3.0 L 6- cyl.
Power / Torque 473 HP / 406 lb-ft. 503 HP / 479 lb-ft.
Cargo Space 368 L

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