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2024 BMW M850i (M8): Price and Specs

2024 BMW M850i (M8): Price and Specs

2024 BMW M850i (M8): Price and Specs

BMW M Series, which includes the 2024 BMW M850i ‒starting at $ 117,900-, are high-end luxury vehicles that are powerful and high-performance. The sporty and luxurious M850i German sports car will definitely get your blood pumping! We dive into why in greater detail below.

BMW 850i (M8) ‒starting at $ 117,900-

This high-performance sports car is offered in three different trims:

  • BMW 850i Gran Coupé
  • BMW 850i Coupé
  • BMW 850i Cabrio

While the Gran Coupé is offered at a base price of $ 117,900, the price for the BMW M8 Coupé is $ 119,000, while the Cabrio trim is offered starting at $ 128,900.

All trims are also equipped with high-end features such as the aerodynamic M kit, a lighted radiator grille, Merino leather upholstery throughout, the famous BMW Live Cockpit Navigation system, and so much more.

As you can see, no matter which M850i you choose, you can customize it to your taste.

Front view of BMW M850i with door open and young woman getting into the car

BMW M850i (M8): Interior and Exterior Design

Each model comes with its own precise inspiration. When you opt for the BMW M850i Coupé, for example, it takes on the classic silhouette of a two-door model and was inspired by the BMW M8 GTE sports model.

The Gran Coupé offers the same sports-style refinement as the Coupé, and the 2024 BMW M850i ‒offered at a base price of $ 117,900- gives you access to even more space and lots of comfort for rear passengers.

The M Series (M850i) Cabrio provides you with a sports silhouette too, but with your hair in the wind! It also stands out with a streamlined design and impressive esthetics. Freedom at its best!

No matter the selected trim, all BMW M850i (M8) trims will provide you with remarkable comfort and the seats in the M Series have an modern quilted design. You can expect a generous amount of space aboard the BMW M8 and the driving position is optimal. At the wheel, you will enjoy a sporty driving experience at all times.

Front view of the BMW M850i Cabriolet 2024, parked in a public car park on a summer's day.

BMW M850i (M8): Specs

Now you know that the BMW M850i for sale in Montreal is both sporty and refined; but wait until you find out more about the performance it offers!

The M850i xDrive can be equipped with an impressive 4.4 L turbo V8 with a net 523 horsepower and an extremely generous 553 lb-ft. maximum torque. With this cavalry, you can accomplish the 0-100 km/hr in as little as 3.8 seconds and enjoy 80-120 km/hr accelerations at lightening speed, in just 2.7 seconds.

This powertrain is coupled with an 8-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.

On the highway, BMW M850i models only require 9.9 L of fuel for every 100 km, with combined fuel consumption numbers of 12.2 L/100 km.

This powerful engine will provide you with exciting accelerations and an adrenaline rush at high speeds.

Price and Specs table of BMW 850i 2024


Depending on the selected model, the dimensions will vary. The following summary table gives you more precise numbers:

Dimensions Coupé Gran Coupé Cabriolet
Wheelbase 2,822 mm 3,023 mm 2,822 mm
Length 4,856 mm 5,087 mm 4,856 mm
Width 1,902 mm 1,932 mm 1,902 mm
Height 1,346 mm 1,407 mm 1,345 mm

Towing Capacity and Cargo Space

Just like with the vast majority of luxury sports cars, towing is not recommended.

However, the amount of cargo space varies according to the selected trim:

  • Coupé: 420 L
  • Gran Coupé: 440 L
  • Cabrio: 280 to 350 L

As you can see, you’ll have plenty of space for all of your grocery bags or luggage.

Side view of the BMW M850i in a public car park

On-Board BMW Technologies

If you know the German BMW brand, you know that engineers love diving into new innovations and are quite generous when it comes to safety features.

On-Board Technologies

  • Professional Digital Cockpit
  • A 14.9- inch touch screen
  • A 16- speaker Harman Kardon sound system
  • Live Cockpit Navigation Pro
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • USB ports
  • Etc.

Safety Features and Driver Assist

  • Head-up display
  • Pro Assist Plus with parking sensors
  • Night vision with pedestrian recognition
  • Clear exit surveillance
  • Traffic jam assist system
  • Drowsy driver alert
  • Road sign recognition
  • Protection system in intersections
  • And so much more.
Interior view of the BMW M850i and its luxurious seats


Prices for the BMW M8 are quite competitive for the luxury sports car segment. M850i (M8) models are outstanding high-performance vehicles that are also powerful and offer unparalleled levels of refinement. These sports car never go by unnoticed and offer a sublime driving experience every single day.

Come and take one of our 2024 BMW M850i (M8) out for a test drive at your BMW dealership in the West Island, close to Laval, Vaudreuil and the South Shore of Montreal. While you are here, you can benefit from BMW special offers in Montreal and advantageous BMW financing solutions. A team of passionate and dedicated experts is looking forward to meeting you!

BMW M850i (M8): A Summary Table

Features BMW M850i Gran Coupé BMW M850i Coupé BMW M850i Cabrio
Powertrain 4.4 L turbo V8 4.4 L turbo V8 4.4 L turbo V8
Horsepower 523 523 523
Torque 553 lb-ft. 553 lb-ft. 553 lb-ft.
Towing Capacity N/R N/R N/R
Cargo Space 440 L 420 L 280-350 L
Base Price $ 117,900 $119,900 $128,900
Rear view of the BMW M850i 2024 on a sandy road

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