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2023 BMW 7 series: price, specs and dimensions

2023 BMW 7 series: price, specs and dimensions


2023 BMW série 7

For 2023, BMW is giving its 7 series sedan a complete makeover. Get ready to be pleasantly surprised! Discover the BMW 7 series, the newest powertrains and the latest technologies, as well as the specs and the prices.

With your BMW dealership in the West Island of Montreal, close to Laval, discover the luxurious BMW i7 electric, as well as the fuel version for this new model-year.

The BMW 7 series' specs

The new technical specifications are one of the most obvious changes in this newest version, which has adopted a new fuel powertrain as well as a very first 100 % electric version.

BMW serie 7 2023

The different available versions

For the time being, this stunning sedan is offered in two versions: the fuel engine BMW 760i xDrive and a brand new electric version, the BMW i7 xDrive 60. Here are the two versions of the BMW 7 series and their base prices:

BMW 760i xDrive$ 147,000
BMW i7 xDrive 60$ 147,000

Both models are offered in base versions, to which you can add options and packages, whether visual or technological.

Powertrain, electric range and power

The electric powertrain is a brand new and extremely interesting novelty this year, even more so considering the outstanding performance it offers, which is just as powerful as its fuel counterpart! Here is how both compare:

Features760i xDrivei7 xDrive 60
Engine/Motor4.4 L V8107 kWh battery + 2 electric motors
Power536 horsepower536 horsepower
Torque553 lb-ft.549 lb-ft.
0-100 km/hr acceleration4.2 seconds4.7 seconds
Electric rangeN/A512 km

Just like for the fuel version, the electric sedan is equipped with all-wheel drive, thanks to the use of two motors. In 2023, BMW Canada is also planning on adding a hybrid plug-in version, the 750e xDrive, which will be offering a powertrain with 483 horsepower.

For even more exhilarating performance, discover the 2022 BMW M series.

Cargo space

Although a few things have changed, the dimensions for the BMW 7 series have not. This means we still have access to a spacious trunk with a maximum of 515 liters of cargo space, although this capacity might be slightly lower on the electric version.

Dimensions for the 7 series sedan

The BMW 7 series is a full-size luxury sedan that offers a maximum of interior space, with passenger comfort in mind. Take a look at its dimensions:

DimensionsBMW 7 Series
Length5,120 mm
Wheel-base3,070 mm
Width1,902 mm
Height1,479 mm

BMW technologies aboard the 2023 7 Series

The German manufacturer doesn't like to do things halfway; as you have come to expect, you will find loads of cutting edge technologies integrated into this luxury sedan.

Added Technologies

The BMW sedan's dashboard is dominated by a large curved screen, linking together instrumentation and the multimedia screen, which allows you to connect to your applications. These technologies include:

2023 BMW serie 7 dashboard
  • A 14.9- inch touch screen;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Navigation functions with augmented reality;
  • Voice command.

More impressive yet, the car now offers an optional 31.3- inch screen in the back row so that your passengers can watch movies or videos!

Safety and Driver Assist Technologies

With the Advanced Driver Assistance package, your car will help you stay the course in complete safety and peace of mind. You will take advantage of features such as:

  • Front and rear collision risk warning;
  • Automatic emergency braking;
  • Driver assistance on the highway;
  • Etc.

2023 BMW 7 Series and esthetics

2023 BMW serie 7

More attractive than ever with its fluid and elegant lines, the BMW 7 Series sports a wider radiator grille decorated with a luminous strip that truly makes it stand out. As for the rest of the lights, you will find new and thinner LED headlights and 'L' shaped taillights.

You can choose from different selections of black, grey, white, red and blue, but also optional colors with various different tones for an even more stunning physique.

The interior is inspired by a chic and luxurious sitting room, with the Sky Lounge panoramic sunroof above, which offers dynamic luminous effects when the sun goes down. The right rear seat even provides you with a 'rest' option, as you sit back and relax with your legs up!

Merino leather (in black, white or brown) mixes in with wood trims offered in different colors, unless you decide to opt for the carbon fiber and aluminum trim package. Even more luxurious options are available, some even adding cashmere to the ensemble.

rear BMW serie 7 2023

Price for the 2023 7 Series

Both versions of the BMW 7 Series have an identical base price: a MSRP of $ 147,000.


The BMW 7 series is back with flair and panache, and new performant powertrains and cutting-edge technologies like you have never seen before! To purchase your next vehicle with ease, discover our advantageous BMW financing plans.

2023 7 Series BMW: at a glance

Here are the specs for the BMW 7 Series as well as the MSRP, at a glance:

FeaturesBMW 760i xDriveBMW i7 xDrive 60
Price$ 147,000$ 147,000
Powertrain4.4 L V8107 kWh battery + 2 electric motors
Power/Torque536 horsepower/553 lb-ft.536 horsepower /549 lb-ft.
Cargo space515 litersn/a

Reserve your 7 Series sedan with us, or discover our wide selection of vehicles, with your BMW dealership in the West Island of Montreal, close to Laval. Advantageous offers are waiting for you!

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