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BMW XM: Price and Specs

BMW XM: Price and Specs

header image - front side view of a 2024 BMW XM on a country road

The BMW XM starting at $ 220,000 is obviously not accessible to everyone; but when comparing it to models like the Bentley Bentayga or even the Rolls Royce Cullinan, this plug-in hybrid BMW is actually a real bargain!

Your BMW dealership in the West Island, close to Laval and the South Shore of Montreal, tells you more about the 2024 BMW XM, its different trims and the exceptional performance it offers.

BMW XM: Price and Specs

This BMW XM hybrid –starting at less than $ 225,000- first appeared on the market for the 2023 model-year and is offered in 2 trims:

  • Base Trim: $ 220,000
  • Label Red: $ 260,000

As a comparison, the entry-level model of the Bentley Bentayga sells at a base price of $ 238,700, but offers significantly inferior capabilities; we will get back to these.

Plug-in hybrid BMW XM: interior and exterior design

This BMW vehicle truly boasts a spectacular look, mostly thanks to an imposing stature, immense 22- or 23- inch wheels, the Iconic Glow lighting in the grille, the sculpted hood and the hexagonal M dual exhaust tips, without forgetting the 13 different choices of body colors.

With a silhouette such as this, it is not surprising that the BMW XM has been awarded Best SUV Design by the Motoring Annual Design Enthusiasts' Ultimate Picks!

Truly refined and with outstanding fit and finishes, the BMW XM interior offers high-end materials, like exclusive vintage leather or Merino leather, without forgetting the lighted headliner, lit by 100 integrated LED lights, along with the M Lounge, which provides you with an impressive and comfortable interior space.

cockpit view 2024 BMW XM
side view of a 2024 BMW XM on a coastal road

2024 BMW XM: dimensions

The BMW XM dimensions are generous, both inside and out.

BMW XM (all trims)
Length 5,110 mm
Width 2,235 mm
Height 1,750 mm
Wheelbase 3,104 mm
Headroom front/rear 1,026/985 mm
Legroom front/rear 1,026/1,023 mm

Are you looking for a more compact hybrid SUV? Take a look at the BMW X3 and X3 hybrid specs!

frontal view of a 2024 BMW XM on a country road

BMW XM: specs

The BMW XM specs sheet is truly impressive; it also surpasses that of its main rivals!

Powertrain and Power

Under the hood, you will find the following powertrains, depending on the selected trim:

Base Trim Label Red
Moteurs 4.4 L V8 + electric motor 4.4 L V8 + electric motor
Powertrains 483 HP + 194 HP 577 HP + 194 HP
Net Power 644 HP/590 lb-ft. 738 HP/738 lb-ft.

2024 BMW XM: Battery and Range

No matter the selected trim, the 2024 BMW XM offers the possibility of driving up to 50 kilometers in fully electric model, thanks to a 29.5 kWh lithium-ion battery. For your information, its competitor with Bentley only offers a net 456 horsepower and a 31 kilometer range when in 100 % electric mode.

It will be possible for you to charge your BMW XM thanks to a level 2 public or domestic charging station in only 3.2 hours; but since it is a plug-in hybrid vehicle, once the battery loses its charge, the vehicle will rely exclusively on the fuel engine, without you ever risking running out of battery power alone.

Would you like to find out more about how a hybrid vehicle works? Our representatives will be glad to provide you with more information!

Towing Capacity and Cargo Space

The performance offered by the BMW XM is not only limited to the powertrain; in fact, it can tow up to almost 6,000 pounds (2,700 kg)! Moreover you will have an amount of cargo space that varies between 527 and 1,820 liters, depending on if you fold down rear seats or not.

2024 BMW XM: on-board technologies

With a high caliber vehicle like the BMW XM and its price, you can expect it to be loaded with amenities, technologies and evolved safety features; and on that note, you won’t be disappointed!

On-board technologies

  • Simplified voice and touch commands
  • The BMW Curved Display, which includes a 12.3- inch instrumentation cluster and a 14.9- inch touch screen
  • Driver dynamics parameter configuration
  • BMW Reversing Assistance with trailer: easy to maneuver with an attached trailer
  • A Harman Kardon sound system
  • Front and rear air conditioning
  • And so much more.

Safety features and driver assist technologies

  • Head-up display
  • Driver assist systems
  • Front collision alert
  • Blind spot surveillance
  • Autonomous emergency braking
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Etc.
cockpit and dashboard view of a 2024 BMW XM


If you are looking for a high-end luxury plug-in hybrid SUV, the 2024 BMW XM –starting at $ 220,000 – is an excellent deal. It offers a fully electric range of around fifty kilometers, a rugged yet refined silhouette, along with outstanding performance levels that will leave the competition far behind!

To find out more about this model, or to profit from our advantageous BMW special offers in Montreal, including our advantageous BMW financing rates, come and visit us at BMW West Island, close to downtown Montreal and Vaudreuil!

BMW XM plug-in hybrid: price and specs

XM Base model XM Label Red
MSRP $ 220,000 $ 260,000
Powertrains 4.4 L V8 + electric motor 4.4 L V8 + electric motor
Engine Power (fuel/electric) 483 HP + 194 HP 577 HP + 194 HP
Net Power 644 HP/590 lb-ft. 738 HP/738 lb-ft.
Drivetrain All-Wheel Drive All-Wheel Drive
Towing 5,940 pounds (2,700 kg)
2024 BMW XM price and specs infographics
rear view of a 2024 BMW XM on front of a lake and mountains

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