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2000, Transcanadienne Sud, Dorval (Montréal), H9P 2N4

Promotions on new BMW in Montreal (West-Island)

Promotion of the month

New Year sales event

Treat yourself to a BMW equipped with xDrive to go on an adventure and enjoy a delivery credit &/or loyality credit on our last BMW 2018. 

Begin the new year with a new BMW!
  • BMW X1 2018 : Lease from $448 x 48 months, 2,99% with $2,500 of credit. Additional credit on 2018 X1 in stock.
  • BMW X2 2018 : Lease from 2,99%.  Additional credit on 2018 X2 in stock.
  • BMW X3 2018 : Lease for 48 months at 3,49%. Additional credit on last 2018 X3 in stock*
  • BMW X3 2018 : Lease for 48 months at 3,99% for $618/month. Cash down at the delivery.
  • BMW 330i xDrive 2018 : Lease up to 48 months, 0,99%. Additional credit from $4,250 on 2018 3 Séries in stock.
  • BMW 430 Coupe (18-230): Credit of $13,235. No lease available.
  • BMW 540i Sedan (18-080): Credit of $11,000. Lease 921$x48 months+tx @ 2,99%. $2,309$ cashdown with 1st pmt. 20,000 km/yr
  • BMW 5 Series 2018 : Lease from 2,99% up to 48 months. Credit from $4,500 on 2018 model in stock.
  • BMW 640i & 650i : Ask the delivery credit on 2018 model.
  • Delivery credits on many models (lease or finance);
  • Credits on electric vehicles;
  • If you already have a BMW, take advantage of the Loyalty Program;
  • Financing or lease rate from 0.9% on selected Pre-Owned BMW;
  • A choice of demonstrators and certified BMWs to suit all budgets.

Other credits or incentives may be added depending on your situation such as corporate & loyalty programs or VE & credits. Offer ends at the end of the month. Contact David, Luc, Yves, Dominic, Eran ... at 1 866-200-2121 Add a little xDrive to your driving experience by switching to BMW. Enjoy the all-wheel drive BMW on the BMW X1, X3, X4, X5, X6 and Series 3,4,5, 6 and 7.   

*BMW X3 #18411 - Photos via Facebook et Instagram








Price: 58,297$ Including -13 500$ 

 693$ + taxes on 48 months 0$ cash down.


Promotion on our BMW service Montreal (West-Island)

Expérience BMW magazine
The new digital version of the Expérience BMW magazine of your BMW West Island dealership is now available on iPad ! In this issue, discover the amazing new models of BMW as well as the trends of the moment. Download the Expérience BMW app today in the App Store to get your personalized version of the BMW West Island magazine. Your access code : 1718 Happy reading !
BMW safety recalls
BMW body shop

Restore body & soul at our Certified repair center

When it comes to restoring your BMW after a collision, using just any repair service could compromise the safety of your vehicle. BMW West Island is a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center through its partner Auto Bugatti. Our partner offering advanced technology, BMW trained specialists and guaranteed work to ensure your BMW is restored to its original factory safety specifications. Make a BMW CCRC your only choice for collision restoration.  
  • Free estimate
  • Highly qualified staff
  • Towing service
  • Painting ecological
  • Recognized by insurers

Right of the insured for repair of BMW and other

Several insurers will direct you to repair shops according to some business arrangements between them...
It is important to know that it is your right to have your vehicle repaired at the location of your choice.  This is to your advantage since you may also qualify for a better price!!   Book now with our BMW Certified Collision Repair partner!
Car detailing service
Protect the value of your BMW With beauty SPA cars and wash package . BMW is submitted to the thorough cleaning inside and out. Your car will remain elegant and efficient also. This ensures aussi protecting your investment.

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  • Parts & Accessories
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BMW West-Island
2000, Transcanadienne Sud, Dorval (Montréal), H9P 2N4
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