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What does xDrive mean on a BMW? Your BMW dealership in the West Island in Montreal, close to Laval, answers this question and any other you might have about this system.

What does xDrive mean on a BMW?

The BMW xDrive system is an intelligent all-wheel drive system that is specially designed to adapt to new road conditions in real time, making sure that you always have access to the best possible levels of performance.

How does the BMW xDrive system work?

In normal conditions, the xDrive system sends more power to rear wheels, in order to provide you with a sportier driving experience.

However, it is designed to detect loss of traction. When it does, it is capable of readjusting the power sent to front and rear wheels in order to correct the situation as quickly as possible.

front side view of a BMW on a snow-covered forest road

Does xDrive mean AWD?

Yes, the BMW xDrive system is an all-wheel drive system. It is found on a wide variety of BMW luxury sedans and SUVs.

Is the BMW xDrive reliable?

The BMW xDrive is a system that has been refined over the course of two decades. With as many years under its belt, it has become one of the most reliable systems on the market.

What does xDrive mean on a BMW? It is a name that aims to communicate the reliability of the system itself and BMW’s focus, which is providing you with the best vehicle possible.

How do I know if my BMW has an xDrive?

If your BMW works with an all-wheel drive system, it is likely to be equipped with the xDrive system. If not, the best way to be sure is to take a look at the BMW Canada website or any other website with detailed information regarding the model you own.

Your vehicle’s user guide can also provide you with the information you are looking for.

Is the BMW xDrive efficient in the snow?

Snow, rain or potholes, these are just a few challenges your xDrive will help you face easily.

The xDrive system is designed to handle any road condition with ease, and this does include snow.

front side view of a BMW on a snow-covered country road

Which is the best solution: sDrive or xDrive?

The answer to this question depends on your needs.

The sDrive is the BMW two-wheel drive system. This means it generally provides you with better fuel efficiency and a lighter vehicle.

As for the xDrive, it will be your preferred option if you are looking for maximum traction. In Quebec, winter is here for several months, which means that the xDrive can be a very interesting option.

Can you drift with the xDrive?

The M system, which is offered on some of our BMW xDrive vehicles, allows you to cut off power sent to the front wheels; this means that you can drift with an xDrive system.

Can you tow a BMW with an xDrive system?

Of course! Given that it is an all-wheel drive vehicle system, the xDrive system is perfectly adapted to towing, which will depend much more on the model and trim of your vehicle than on the xDrive system itself.

If you are planning on doing a lot of towing, BMW luxury vehicles are an excellent way to accomplish such a task in complete comfort.

If you want to take advantage of our BMW financing or our outstanding special offers, then come and visit us today at BMW West Island, in Montreal, close to Laval.

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