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2024 BMW i4: Price and Specs

2024 BMW i4: Price and Specs

BMW I4 parked in front of a residence being loaded.

Starting at $70,903, the BMW i4 is a luxury compact sedan that has excelled on our roads since 2022. Like its big sister, the BMW i5 - prices and specifications, it is a fully electric vehicle. Let us introduce it to you for an informed choice.

Starting from $70,903: The BMW i4

This 100% electric BMW gives you the opportunity to choose the motor that best suits your needs. It comes in four trims, each more unique and relevant than the last:

  • BMW i4 eDrive35
  • BMW i4 eDrive40
  • BMW i4 xDrive40
  • BMW i4 M50 xDrive

As we will see, these electric powertrains feature specifics in terms of range and power.

Interior and Exterior Design of the BMW i4

The cabin of the competitively priced BMW i4 opens up to a sleek, flat dashboard where modernism takes center stage. The elevated center console intensifies the sporty feel of the ultra-comfortable seats.

The 14.9-inch curved touchscreen adds even more depth to this modernity, where innovation knows no bounds.

With its size, the 2024 BMW i4, starting at $70,903, can easily accommodate five occupants. Thanks to generous headroom and legroom, you will enjoy sublime comfort when it comes time to cover long distances.

The exterior design of the BMW i4 for sale in Montreal features vertically oriented grilles that add flair to the vehicle. No one will miss it, even when it's moving at high speed.

Its aerodynamic silhouette adds even more sportiness to the vehicle, as do its elongated LED lights.

In short, this electric vehicle, just like the BMW i7 - price and specifications, showcases a modern and highly innovative design.

Prices and Specs of 2024 BMW I4.

Specifications of the BMW i4

As we've mentioned earlier, the price of the BMW i4 can vary depending on the chosen powertrain. The following table shows the available motors with the range for each:

BMW i4 eDrive35 eDrive40 xDrive40 M50 xDrive
Motor Induction Electric Motor Induction Electric Motor 2 Induction Electric Motors 2 Permanent Magnet Electric Motors
Power 282 hp 335 hp 396 hp 536 hp
Performance 295 lb-ft 317 lb-ft 443 lb-ft 586 lb-ft
Range 412 km 484 km 494 km 436 km
BMW i4 eDrive35 eDrive40
Motor Induction Electric Motor Induction Electric Motor
Power 282 hp 335 hp
Performance 295 lb-ft 317 lb-ft
Range 412 km 484 km
BMW i4 xDrive40 M50 xDrive
Motor 2 Induction Electric Motors 2 Permanent Magnet Electric Motors
Power 396 hp 536 hp
Performance 443 lb-ft 586 lb-ft
Range 494 km 436 km

All BMW i4 trims can rely on lithium-ion batteries of either 70.2 kWh or 83.9 kWh, depending on the selected trim.

Dimensions of the BMW i4

The following table illustrates the size of this luxury car:

Dimensions 2024 BMW i4
Wheelbase 2,856 mm
Length 4,783 mm
Width 1,852 mm
Height 1,448 mm

Depending on the chosen trim, the vehicle's cargo capacity will vary between 470 L and 1,290 L. This means that this car can accommodate all your luggage as needed.

BMW Technologies Onboard

Embedded technologies

The competitively priced BMW i4 is innovative with an impressive array of onboard technologies:

  • 9-inch touchscreen display
  • 10-speaker audio system and optional 16-speaker Harman Kardon system
  • BMW Cloud-based Navigation Maps
  • Live Traffic and Parking Information
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Amazon Alexa
  • And more.
Great view of the BMW I4 dashboard and technology.

Safety and Driving Assistance Technologies

In terms of advanced safety, BMW is a leader and the price of the BMW i4 is justified by all the features already mentioned, plus these:

Asian lady at the wheel of the BMW I4.
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Heads-up Display
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Rear View Camera
  • Front and Rear Collision Prevention System
  • And more.

The 2024 BMW i4 stands out in many ways, starting with the variety of its motors and its notable range. It also distinguishes itself with its comfort, spacious cabin, and cargo capacity. In short, this 100% electric luxury car excels on several levels.

The following table summarizes the main features of the German electric car:

Characteristic 2024 BMW i4
Motors eDrive35: Electric Motor eDrive40: Electric Motor xDrive40: 2 Electric Motors M50 xDrive: 2 Electric Motors
Horsepower eDrive35: 282 hp eDrive40: 335 hp xDrive40: 396 hp M50 xDrive: 536 hp
Torque eDrive35: 295 lb-ft eDrive40: 317 lb-ft xDrive40: 443 lb-ft M50 xDrive: 586 lb-ft
Battery Range eDrive35: 412 km eDrive40: 484 km xDrive40: 494 km M50 xDrive: 436 km
Price Range $70,903 to $92,058

Come discover the full BMW i4 range at your BMW dealership in Montreal, near Vaudreuil, Laval, and the South Shore of Montreal. Take advantage of the current BMW promotions in Montreal as well as the advantageous BMW financing solutions. Enjoy your shopping!

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