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2024 BMW 7 Series: Price and Specs

2024 BMW 7 Series: Price and Specs

Introducing the BMW 7 Series

The 2024 BMW 7 Series, with its competitive starting price, is a luxurious large sedan and stands out in many ways from other models of the brand, including the 2024 BMW 4 Series. Let's find out what makes it so distinctive.

2024 BMW 760i xDrive Starting at $178,376

Price and Trim of the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive

The gasoline-powered 7 Series is priced at $178,376, and you will have the opportunity to configure it to your liking. Indeed, you can choose from 9 colors or opt for 8 distinctive colors. In short, you're spoiled for choice.

Price and Specs of BMW series 7.

Interior and Exterior Design of the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive

In this magnificent luxury car, you'll find not only sublime comfort but also premium materials crafted with the greatest expertise of skilled artisans.

The endlessly adjustable seats, the right rear Executive Lounge seat, and the quality of the leather ensure a completely comfortable resting position with generous legroom.

Moreover, the 2024 BMW 7 Series, competitively priced, stands out with a unique ambiance at the driver's station thanks to a 14.9-inch curved touchscreen that is easy to consult.

And that's not all! Traveling in a 7 Series, priced at $178,376, means sitting in the back and enjoying a 31.3-inch 8K Theater Screen that unfolds from the ceiling, allowing you to stream video content with Amazon Fire, Netflix, and YouTube.

In short, the list is long, but one thing is certain, the 7 Series for sale in Montreal is simply sublime.

Moreover, you won't miss it, especially with its crystal headlights and the BMW Iconic Glow illuminated grille that radiates its personality.

You'll also notice the fluidity of its lines which make it a perfectly proportioned vehicle, as well as its L-shaped lights that enhance the car's overall stance. One last element: the exhaust tips are invisible, which does justice to its sleek character.

In short, we're dealing with a luxurious large sedan where chic, refinement, and purity come together in perfect harmony.

View of the BMW 7 Series rear seats and screen.

Specifications of the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive

The spec sheet of the 7 Series, competitively priced, contains characteristics unique to it, just like the BMW 5 Series, price and spec sheet, or other models of the brand.

Under the hood of this luxurious large sedan is a 4.4 L turbo V8 engine with a mild hybrid system, similar to what can be observed in the 2024 BMW 3 Series hybrid  model.

The 760i xDrive's engine delivers 536 horsepower and 553 lb-ft of torque. With this powertrain you'll do 0-100 km/h in 4.2 seconds, with 80-120 km/h pickups in 3.1 seconds.

Despite its size, the 760i xDrive boasts a rather interesting combined fuel consumption of 11.3 L/100 km.

Its cargo capacity is 540 liters, enough to carry all your luggage and set off on a journey in a comfort like you've never imagined before.

Dimensions of the BMW 760i xDrive

A large luxury sedan, this vehicle from the German brand makes a statement:

Dimensions BMW 760i xDrive
Wheelbase 3 215 mm
Length 5 391 mm
Width 1 950 mm
Height 1 544 mm

BMW Technologies Onboard

Embedded technologies

The price of the BMW 7 Series is amply justified by the features already presented and the following:

  • Professional Digital Cockpit with 14.9-inch curved control display
  • Bowers & Wilkins 18-speaker audio system (Diamond Surround 4D with 36 speakers optional)
  • 3-inch Theater Screen with 8K display
  • 5-inch touchscreen integrated into rear doors
  • BMW ConnectedDrive with integrated navigation
  • Voice recognition
  • Wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Wireless charger
  • Integrated Alexa
  • And much more
Great view of the BMW 7 Series dashboard and technology.
Close-up view of the BMW 7 Series' large touchscreen.

Safety and Driver Assistance Technologies

There are numerous safety and driver assistance technologies when you're at the wheel of a 2024 BMW 7 Series starting at $178,376:

  • Intersection assistance
  • Sign recognition with intelligent speed limiter
  • Head-up display
  • Night vision assistance
  • Semi-autonomous highway driving
  • Autonomous lane change assistance
  • Drowsiness warning
  • And more

From the above, it is clear that the 2024 BMW 760i xDrive is a luxury car that is powerful, high-performing, and tremendously innovative. It is the epitome of refinement, comfort, and assured driving. For fans of large luxury sedans, it comes in first place!

2024 BMW 760i xDrive: Price and Specifications

Let's revisit the key features of the German vehicle:

Key Features 2024 BMW 760i xDrive
Engine 4.4 L turbo V8 + mild hybrid
Horsepower 536
Torque 553 lb-ft
Towing Capacity Not recommended
Cargo Capacity 540 L
Starting Price 178376

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