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2024 BMW 3 Series and Hybrid: Price and Specs

2024 BMW 3 Series and Hybrid: Price and Specs

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The BMW 3 Series, starting at $ 58,152 (MSRP), is an emblematic high-end car sold by BMW, and one of the most popular. The elegant lines, the exceptional driving experience it offers, along with the high levels of performance, make it a model that quickly wins over numerous buyers; moreover, you can now also opt for a hybrid BMW 3 Series, starting at $ 58,052 (MSRP).

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2024 BMW 3 Series and Hybrid: price and trims

This luxury car is offered in 2 trims: the BMW 3 Series, starting at $ 58,152 in its entry-level fuel trim, and the M340i xDrive model, starting at $ 71,152, which offers superior performance.

You could also choose the BMW 3 Series hybrid, starting at $ 58,052 for the base trim, and $ 62,052 for the 330e xDrive, a more powerful trim.

BMW 3 Series: interior and exterior design

A few esthetic modifications have been made to both the plug-in hybrid BMW and the fuel trim.

Moreover, the customizable options are numerous, which means that you can build a 3 Series that is as unique as you are. In fact, there are 13 different body colors, a wide selection of different wheel dimensions (7- design choices, between 18- and 19- inches) and different dual tone upholstery options inside.

Moreover, it boasts dynamic and fluid line that can be equipped with LED headlights and taillights, with a new light signature, wide hexagonal shaped air intakes and chrome exhaust tips, among other things.

cockpit view of a 2024 BMW 3 series

BMW 3 Series: dimensions

When it comes to the BMW 3 Series dimensions, differences are minimal depending on selected trim:

330i xDrive M340i xDrive 330e 330e xDrive
Length 4,717 mm 4,718 mm 4,717 mm 4,717 mm
Width 1,827 mm 1,827 mm 1,827 mm 1,827 mm
Height 1,448 mm 1,440 mm 1,444 mm 1,444 mm
Wheelbase 2,851 mm 2,851 mm 2,851 mm 2,851 mm
Trunk 479 liters 479 liters 374 liters 374 liters

2024 BMW 3 Series: specs

No matter the selected model, the 2024 BMW 3 Series offers a very interesting specs sheet.

Powertrain and Power

On the fuel trims, you will find the following powertrains:

  • A 2.0 L 4- cylinder turbo with 255 horsepower
  • A 382 horsepower 3.0 L 6- cylinder engine

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2024 BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid: specs

Both 3 Series plug-in hybrid models also offer solid performance.

Powertrain and Power

No matter if you opt for the 330e or 330e xDrive, you will have a 2.0 L 4- cylinder combined to an electric motor; this powertrain will provide you with a net 288 horsepower. The difference between these 2 models is that the first is equipped with rear-wheel drive, while the second is coupled with an xDrive all-wheel drive system.

engine view of a 2024 BMW 3 series

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Battery and Range

The BMW 3 Series plug-in hybrid offers a fully electric range of around 35 kilometers, and an overall range of around 450 kilometers. In order to provide you with the possibility of driving without utilising the fuel engine, these 3 Series are equipped with a 12.0 kWh lithium-ion battery.

Charging Power and Charging Times

Given that these are plug-in hybrid models, you could use a 240 V charging station or a 120 V home charging station to charge your battery; you will need around 3 hours with the first, and 10.9- hours for the second.

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BMW 3 Series: on-board technologies

No matter if you choose the BMW 3-Series 330e or a fuel engine trim, you will have access to loads of on-board technologies and evolved safety features; here are just a few:

On-board technologies

  • A 14.9- inch multimedia screen
  • A 12.3- inch driver cluster
  • Unlimited connection with your smart phone
  • Intuitive voice controls
  • BMW Intelligent personal assistant
  • Navigation system
  • Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Safety features and driver assist technologies

  • Head-up Display
  • Reversing Assistant
  • Front Collision Alert
  • Lane Departure Alert
  • Etc.
cockpit and dashboard view of a 2024 BMW 3 series


By choosing a BMW 3 Series, you cannot possibly go wrong; you will be taking advantage of a luxury car with an impressive driving experience, boasting a sporty style and offering a divinely comfortable interior.

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2024 BMW 3 Series: Price and Specs

330i xDrive M340i xDrive 330e 330e xDrive
MSRP $ 58,152 $ 71,152 $ 58,052 $ 62,052
Powertrains 2.0 L 4- cyl. turbo 3.0 L 6- cyl. 2.0 L 4- cyl. turbo + electric motor
Power 255 horsepower 382 horsepower 288 horsepower
Electric Range N/A N/A 35 km 34 km
Drivetrain xDrive AWD RWD xDrive AWD
2024 BMW 3 Series price and specs infographics
two 2024 BMW 3 Series in front of mountains at dusk

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