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2022 BMW X3 vs X5: price, differences, specs, etc.

2022 BMW X3 vs X5: price, differences, specs, etc.

White 2022 BMW X3 above metallic black 2022 BMW X5

First launched in 1999, the BMW X5 immediately became a huge success. It was followed in 2003 by its smaller sibling, the X3. Unsure of which BMW SUV is best for you?

Your BMW dealer on the West Island of Montreal, near Laval, presents this comparison between the 2022 BMW X3 and X5.

2022 BMW X3 vs X5: spec sheets that are sure to please!

Both the X3 and the X5 now offer mild hybrid versions as well as a plug-in hybrid version for even greater fuel economy. The pleasure of driving and the quality of the traction are just as impressive thanks to the xDrive all-wheel drive system included on all models.

Engine and Power

BMW makes no compromises when it comes to power, and that goes for all models offered:

Model Version Engine Power Torque
X3 30e xDrive 2.0 L Turbo4-cyl.+ electric motor 288 horsepower 310 lb-ft
30i xDrive 2.0 L Turbo4-cyl.+ electric motor 248 horsepower 258 lb-ft
M 40i xDrive 3.0 L Turbo6-cyl. mild hybrid 382 horsepower 369 lb-ft
X5 45e xDrive 3.0 L Turbo6-cyl. + electric motor 394 horsepower 442 lb-ft
40i xDrive 3.0 L Turbo6-cyl. mild hybrid 329 horsepower 332 lb-ft
50i xDrive 4.4 L V8 523 horsepower 553 lb-ft

The 30e and 45e models are the plug-in hybrid vehicles in the line-up, featuring an electric motor that can operate autonomously for zero-emission driving. Be sure to visit the BMW Canada website for even more details on these hybrid vehicles!

front 3/4 view of a blue 2022 BMW X3 M SUV driving on a road

2022 BMW X3 M

Towing and cargo capacity

Both SUVs offer plenty of brawn for those who need to tow heavy loads. The 2022 BMW is capable of towing from 1,650 lbs to 5,290 lbs for a trailer with brakes. You can also carry your gear onboard with a 550 L trunk, which can offer up to 1,600 L when the rear seat is lowered.

As for the 2022 BMW X5, it offers a towing capacity of up to 7,700 lbs and a trunk capacity ranging from 650 L to 1,870 L. These figures are a little lower with the plug-in hybrid versions, but they are nevertheless greater on the X5.

Vehicle dimensions

As their names suggest, the main difference between the 2022 BMW X3 vs X5 is their dimensions, which also vary depending on the version you choose:

Dimension BMW X3 BMW X3 M40i BMW X5
Length 4 708 mm 4 713 mm 4 992 mm
Width 1 891 mm 1 918 mm 2 004 mm
Height 1 676 mm 1 669 mm 1 745 mm
Weight 1 810 kg 1 910 kg 2 435 kg

This means that the X3 is smaller and lighter than its big brother, the X5. It's certainly a more practical companion for city dwellers.

BMW technologies

Both BMW SUVs are equipped with standard and optional advanced technologies that keep you connected at all times.

Front interior of a 2022 BMW X3 M SUV including all its on-board technologies

Interior | 2022 BMW X3 M

Onboard technologies

The X3 and X5 are equipped with the following standard features, among others:

  • BMWLive Cockpit
  • Navigation system
  • A 10.25-inch (X3) or 12.3-inch (X5) touchscreen
  • Voice recognition
  • And much more

You can also add a whole host of technologies with the optional packages offered by the manufacturer.

Safety and drive-assist technologies

There are a number of drive-assist technologies waiting for you in both models. Among the standard and optional features you will find:

  • Frontal Collision Warning with automatic braking
  • Pedestrian detection
  • Rear and side obstacle alert
  • Lane Departure Warning
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • And much more
front 3/4 view of a 2022 BMW X3 xDrive30e SUV in metallic gray driving on a road

2022 BMW X3 xDrive30e | Metallic Gray

The designs of the 2022 BMW X3 vs X5

Both being dynamic SUVs, the 2022 BMW X3 vs X5 share many similarities, and both can be highly personalized to suit your tastes.

2022 BMW X5 M SUV in Brooklyn Gray Metallic vs Mineral White Metallic

2022 BMW X5 M | Brooklyn Gray Metallic vs Mineral White Metallic

Exterior Design

Because the X5 is larger, it also has a more rugged appearance, with a slightly larger nostril-grille and wheels ranging from 20 to 22 inches. The X3 is equipped with 19 to 21-inch wheels.

Beyond that, their aggressive shapes remain similar, as do the LED headlights in the front and rear.

Available exterior colors

The BMW X3 is mainly available in cool colours, with shades of blue, black, white and silver, for a total of 9 colours to choose from. The X5 expands the line-up with warm colors such as Ruby Red, Ametrine and Zanzibar as well as shades of green. In fact, there are 23 colours for you to choose from with the X5.

Interior design

The interior of the X3 welcomes its passengers to a top-of-the-line cabin. There is comfort galore with plush seats, 3-zone climate control, seat comfort controls and more, both on the 2022 X3 and X5.

Available colors and interior trims

For its part, the X3 is equipped with standard Sensatec sport seats, which can be coloured in Canberra Beige, Tacora Red, Cognac or Black. Also available is Vernasca leather or even merino leather for added luxury. The interior can be detailed with oak, aluminum, ash or even brushed aluminum.

The X5 also features several wood trim options, including poplar wood. The vehicle comes standard with Vernasca leather, and Tacora Red is replaced by a mocha colour in the selection of available colours.

Sensatec sports seats in Cognac color of the 2022 BMW X3 xDrive30e SUV

Sensatec sport seats | 2022 BMW X3 xDrive30e

2022 BMW X3 vs X5: what is the price difference?

Since the BMW X5 is a bigger vehicle with slightly more performance, the price of the line-up is bound to be higher than the X3. While it is offered at base prices of $82,052 to $98,752, the X3 is more affordable with a price line-up of $55,942 to $70,952.

In short

In conclusion, your choice between the X3 and the X5 will depend on several factors: the latter is bigger and more powerful, while the former is lighter and more affordable. Whatever your choice, be sure to take advantage of the enticing promotions and BMW financing plans offered by BMW West Island. Our team is waiting for you in Montreal, near Laval!

2022 BMW X3 vs X5: price and specs

The table below summarizes this tough match-up between the BMW X3 and the 2022 BMW X5 as well as the prices of the different versions:

Version Price Engine Power/Torque Towing Capacity Cargo Volume
X3 30i $55, 942 2.0 L Turbo 248 HP/258 lb-ft 5 290 lbs 1 600 L
X3 30e 57942 2.0 L Turbo+ electric motor 288 HP /310 lb-ft 4 400 lbs 1 500 L
X3 M40i $70 ,952 3.0 L Turbo 382 HP /442 lb-ft 5 290 lbs 1 600 L
X5 40i $82, 052 329 HP /332 lb-ft 7 700 lbs 1 870 L
X5 45e $83, 552 3.0 L Turbo+ electric motor 394 HP /442 lb-ft 5 950 lbs 1 720 L
X5 50i $98, 752 4.4 L V8 523 HP /553 lb-ft 7 700 lbs 1 870 L

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